What She Left for Me

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Someone who will try to help in every situation, including the one where you left her. She left me without reason. I hope she realizes what she has done. She lost me. Someone who was bullied and demanded just to make her happy. Someone who did everything without reason, just because you were upset. She left me for someone else. I hope she knows that I brought the others into her life.

I did everything a person could do. I was someone who introduced you to your new friends, and yet I'm the one who was pushed away. She left me damaged. I hope she knows that no one else is going to accept her like I did.

What She Left for Me by Tracie Peterson

I'm a good friend. I'm someone who did questionable acts without question when everyone else laughed. She left me wondering. I hope she knows that no one else is going to do your makeup to look good for a boy who already hurt you.

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One reason why I enjoyed this book was that Peterson was not afraid to take such difficult life circumstances and topics and show that even in some of the worst scenarios we can trust God, and He has the power to redeem. Aug 17, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-fiction , romance.

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This is the first book that I have read by this author. It will definitely not be my last I'm getting ready to find another book by her. Oct 03, Laura rated it liked it. Good story, great characters, but so many questions left unanswered. Hopefully there will be a sequel to wrap up the story.

Mar 21, Deb rated it really liked it. A really good story with religious overtones. Jan 09, Julie Malcolm rated it liked it Shelves: christian-fiction. How should we respond when bad things happen to good people? The author attempts an answer in this engaging story. Mar 30, Carolyn Tye rated it really liked it. This is perhaps the best written work of the author. Very realistic and multi layered. An excellent story of forgiveness.

Sep 22, Nahani Rose rated it it was amazing. Listening to the audiobook. I found a new author I like. Also, she has a TON of books. The narration in the audiobook is NOT the monotone type at all. Can't wait to "read" more.

She Left Me the Gun: My Mother's Life Before Me by Emma Brockes – review

GREAT book. I liked the story line, and liked the message but felt like we were left hanging. What did happen to Eleanor's dad and brothers?

View 1 comment. Sep 11, Melissa rated it liked it. Jana McGuire returns home from a mission trip to Africa with exciting news for her husband. She is expecting their long awaited baby. But what she finds at the airport is not her pastor husband Rob, nor anyone from their church waiting for her.

Jana arrives home to find a note, telling her Rob has taken most of their belongings and left with his secretary. He quit his job and cleaned out their bank account, and Jana must be out of the church parsonage by the end of the week. Reeling, she calls Jana McGuire returns home from a mission trip to Africa with exciting news for her husband. Reeling, she calls her mother Eleanor.

Eleanor Templeton has not had an easy life. Raised by hippie parents, she experienced many things that shattered her feelings of security.

Why She Left You

Eleanor has overcompensated by raising Jana in a strict, stand-offish way, never wanting much to do with her. Eleanor's attitude has always been one of contempt and the two have never had a real mother-daughter relationship. Yet someone else is ready and willing to be the mediator. Aunt Taffy raised Eleanor and is the perfect person to build a bridge between her and Jana.

Can Taffy help to break down the walls hardened by so many years of neglect? When secrets begin to surface, can they all learn to trust that God will get them through? This is not an easy book to read. It addresses many difficult subjects, including incest, adultery, drug use, and suicide. The answers are not clear cut and aren't handed to the reader on a platter. Some things must be worked through. Jana is shattered by the devastating news of her husband's betrayal. She's faced with an even deeper dilemma than normal; she must decide whether or not to tell him about the baby.

This causes a great deal of turmoil for everyone involved. Eleanor's history is told through alternating chapters of back story, giving the reader insight into why she acts the way she does, but at the same time, Eleanor reveals bits of herself to Jana and Taffy. In the end, Eleanor finds healing and catharsis from telling her tale, not the condemnation or shame she expected.

My only disappointment with the book was that Rob's story was dealt with in an unbelievable way. It feels like a television-type drama rather than being realistic like the rest of the novel. What She Left for Me is an insightful and meaningful book for women, helping us realize that Christians experience the same trials as everyone else. But it also shows God as a source to help us endure. Sep 04, Deb added it. Sep 16, Andrea Norton rated it liked it.

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  8. Jana is the wife of a pastor. She discovers she is pregnant with a very much planned child while on a mission trip to Africa. Upon returning home she finds a note from her husband explaining that he has left her for another woman. He has drain their bank accounts, sold anything of value, and stolen and sold jewelry given to her by her great aunt. This book deals with some very difficult issues. Some reviewers found the circumstances hard to believe but I didn't. My husband studied sexual crimes Jana is the wife of a pastor.

    My husband studied sexual crimes and the things written in this book fit with the things he was taught. I enjoyed the characters but found Jana's mother the hardest to relate to. As a Christian I didn't find it too preachy. Jana is dealing with some very hard things and thinking about them in relation to the Bible naked sense in a book where the character was a pastor's wife.

    I wouldn't recommend this book to just anyone. It might not be appropriate for young readers. I do feel that the book and other books like it should be written. Sexual abuse is a terrible and often misunderstood crime that deserves to be addressed.