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Environmental impacts are a serious concern, and a major uncertainty. Accessible, affordable, and convenient self-driving cars could increase the total number of miles driven each year. If those vehicles are powered by gasoline, then transportation-related climate emissions could skyrocket.

If, however, the vehicles are electrified —and paired with a clean electricity grid —then transportation emissions could drop, perhaps significantly. To the extent that electrified self-driving cars enable more shared rides for example, through services such as Lyft or Uber , emissions could drop even further.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has worked on transportation-related policy issues for decades, and advocates for equitable, low-pollution vehicles, fuels, and infrastructure. In February we released a policy brief that outlines the challenges and benefits of self-driving technology , and that includes seven principles for policy makers, companies, and other stakeholders to use as guides. You can be involved. We use cookies to improve your experience.

By continuing, you accept our use of cookies. Learn more. Autonomous cars are coming. Test your knowledge on the future of driverless transportation. Layers of autonomy Different cars are capable of different levels of self-driving, and are often described by researchers on a scale of Level 0 : All major systems are controlled by humans Level 1: Certain systems, such as cruise control or automatic braking, may be controlled by the car, one at a time Level 2 : The car offers at least two simultaneous automated functions, like acceleration and steering, but requires humans for safe operation Level 3 : The car can manage all safety-critical functions under certain conditions, but the driver is expected to take over when alerted Level 4 : The car is fully-autonomous in some driving scenarios, though not all Level 5 : The car is completely capable of self-driving in every situation.

How they work Various self-driving technologies have been developed by Google, Uber, Tesla, Nissan, and other major automakers, researchers, and technology companies. Vehicles expert Dr. Daniel Sperling walks us through the future of transportation and what is needed to make self-driving cars an affordable, convenient, and efficient reality.

Impacts The costs and benefits of self-driving cars are still largely hypothetical. Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. With so many games to choose from, you will never find yourself bored while browsing through our driving games! VAT: BE Home Best New action adventure arcade driving beauty puzzle shooting skill sports.

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