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Shemp played a bumbling fireman in the Stooges' first film, Soup to Nuts , the only film where he played one of Healy's gang. Moe and Shemp continued until July , when Ted Healy approached them to team up again for the Shuberts's Broadway revue "Passing Show of ," and they accepted the offer.

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In spite of their past differences, Moe knew an association with the nationally known Healy would provide opportunities the three comics were not getting on their own. On August 16, , in a contract dispute, Healy walked out of the Shuberts's revue during rehearsals. Three days tired of what he considered Healy's domineering handling of the Stooges' career, Shemp left Healy's act to remain with "Passing Show," which closed in September during roadshow performances and after pan reviews in Detroit and Cincinnati.

Shemp played on the road for a few months, he landed at Brooklyn's Vitaphone Studios for movie appearance opportunities in May Playing bit roles in Vitaphone's Roscoe Arbuckle comedies, showing off his comical appearance, he was given speaking roles and supporting parts immediately, he was featured with Vitaphone comics Jack Haley , Ben Blue and Gus Shy co-starred with Harry Gribbon , Daphne Pollard and Johnnie Berkes, starred in his own two-reel comedies.

The independently-produced Convention Girl featured Shemp in a rare straight role as a blackmailer and would-be murderer. Shemp stuck to the script, he livened up scenes with ad-libbed dialogue and wisecracks. In late , Vitaphone was licensed to produce short comedies based on the " Joe Palooka " comic strip. Shemp was cast as "Knobby Walsh," and though only a supporting character, he became the series's comic focus, with Johnny Berkes and Lee Weber as his foils, he co-starred in the first seven shorts, released in — Nine of them were produced, the last two done after Shemp's departure from Vitaphone.

Away from Vitaphone, Howard unsuccessfully attempted to lead his own group of "stooges" in the Van Beuren musical comedy short The Knife of the Party , it was a rare failure in an otherwise successful solo career. In he followed his brothers's lead, moved to the West Coast , landed supporting-actor roles at several studios, predominantly Columbia Pictures and Universal. He worked at Universal from August to August , performing with such comics as W. Fields , he lent comic relief to The Thin Man murder mysteries. Most of these projects took advantage of his improvisational skills, he was teamed with comedians Billy Gilbert and Maxie Rosenbloom for three B-comedy features in — He played a few serious parts, such as his supporting role in Pittsburgh starring Marlene Dietrich and John Wayne.

During — and —, Howard appeared in Columbia's two-reel comedies, co-starring with Columbia regulars A. Larry Fine Louis Feinberg, known professionally as Larry Fine , was an American actor, comedian and boxer , best known as a member of the comedy act the Three Stooges. Fine was born to a Russian Jewish family at 3rd and South Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , on October 5, , his father, Joseph Feinberg, mother, Fanny Lieberman, owned a watch-repair and jewelry shop.

In his early childhood, Fine's arm was accidentally burned with acid, his father used the acid to test jewelry for its gold content. On one occasion, the young Fine raised the bottle to his lips. Before he could drink any, his father knocked the bottle from Fine's hand, splashing Fine's forearm with acid and causing extensive damage to it, his parents gave Fine violin lessons to help strengthen the damaged muscles in his forearm.

He became so proficient on the violin that his parents wanted to send him to a European music conservatory. However, that plan was thwarted by the outbreak of World War I. Fine played the violin in the Stooge films. In scenes where all three Stooges are playing fiddles, only Larry is playing, while the other two are miming. To further strengthen his damaged arm, Fine took up boxing in his teens, winning one professional bout, his father, opposed to Larry's fighting in public, put an end to his brief career as a boxer.

At an early age, Fine started performing as a violinist in vaudeville. Since Howard was leaving the play for a few months, they asked him to be a replacement'stooge'. Howard returned in September to finish Spain's national tour. Shemp Howard split off to pursue a solo career, appearing in Shemp Howard shorts, as well as playing numerous supporting roles in feature films starring major comedians such as Roscoe Arbuckle , W.

Fields , Abbott and Costello , as well as other mainstream performers. Fine was recognized in the Stooge features by his hairdo, bald on top with lots of thick, curly red hair around the sides and back. Fine's trademark bushy hair had its origin, according to rumor, from his first meeting with Healy.

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Fine had just wet his hair in a basin, it dried oddly as they talked. Healy encouraged Fine to keep the zany hairstyle. He did not return to performing and Ted's act until December Beginning in , the Three Stooges made short films and several features, their most prolific period starring Fine, Moe Howard, Curly Howard. However, their career with Healy was marked by disputes over pay, film contracts, Healy's drinking and verbal abuse.

The Three Stooges - Best Episodes Compilation (Remastered) (HD 1080p)

Fine and the Howard brothers left Healy for good in In films from the Curly era, the Larry character did more reacting than acting, staying in the background and serving as the voice of reason in contrast to the zany antics of Moe and Curly. He was a surrealistic foil and the middle ground between Moe's gruffly "bossy", Curly's childish personae.

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Like the other Stooges, Larry was on the receiving end of Moe's abuse, his reasonableness was the perfect foil to Moe's brusque bluntness and Curly or Shemp's boyish immaturity, but Larry sometimes proposed something impossible or illogical and was put down by Moe, both verbally and physically, who would react by pulling a handful of hair out of Larry's head.

Film critic Leonard Maltin commented in that "Larry is the least distinctive character of the trio, but he adds a pleasing touch by siding with either Moe or Curly, depending on the situation, thereby enabling him to show moments of lucidity as well as lunacy. The Shemp era marked a period of increased onscreen presence for Larry, relegated to a background role during the Curly era. Upon Shemp's return, he was allotted equal onscreen time becoming the focus of several films, in particular Fuelin' Around and He Cooked His Goose.

On November 22, , Shemp died of a heart attack. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls is the collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between the Canadian province of Ontario and the US state of New York. They form the southern end of the Niagara Gorge. Located on the Niagara River , which drains Lake Erie into Lake Ontario , the combined falls form the highest flow rate of any waterfall in North America that has a vertical drop of more than 50 metres. During peak daytime tourist hours, more than , m3 of water goes over the crest of the falls every minute.

Horseshoe Falls is the most powerful waterfall in North America; the falls are 27 kilometres north-northwest of Buffalo, New York , kilometres south-southeast of Toronto , between the twin cities of Niagara Falls and Niagara Falls, New York. Niagara Falls was formed when glaciers receded at the end of the Wisconsin glaciation , water from the newly formed Great Lakes carved a path through the Niagara Escarpment en route to the Atlantic Ocean. Niagara Falls is famed both as a valuable source of hydroelectric power.

Balancing recreational and industrial uses has been a challenge for the stewards of the falls since the 19th century; the Horseshoe Falls drop about 57 metres, while the height of the American Falls varies between 21 and 30 metres because of the presence of giant boulders at its base. The larger Horseshoe Falls are about metres wide; the distance between the American extremity of the Niagara Falls and the Canadian extremity is 3, feet. The peak flow over Horseshoe Falls was recorded at 6, cubic metres per second; the average annual flow rate is 2, cubic metres per second.

Since the flow is a direct function of the Lake Erie water elevation, it peaks in late spring or early summer. This is accomplished by employing a weir — the International Control Dam — with movable gates upstream from the Horseshoe Falls. The falls' flow is further halved at night, during the low tourist season in the winter, remains a minimum of 1, cubic metres per second. The features that became Niagara Falls were created by the Wisconsin glaciation about 10, years ago; the same forces created the North American Great Lakes and the Niagara River.

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All were dug by a continental ice sheet that drove through the area, deepening some river channels to form lakes, damming others with debris. Scientists argue there is an old valley, St David's Buried Gorge, buried by glacial drift, at the approximate location of the present Welland Canal. When the ice melted, the upper Great Lakes emptied into the Niagara River, which followed the rearranged topography across the Niagara Escarpment. In time, the river cut a gorge through cuesta; because of the interactions of three major rock formations, the rocky bed did not erode evenly.

The top rock formation was composed of erosion-resistant Lockport dolostone ; that hard layer of stone eroded more than the underlying materials. The aerial photo on the right shows the hard caprock , the Lockport Formation, which underlies the rapids above the falls, the upper third of the high gorge wall.

Below the hard-rock formation, comprising about two-thirds of the cliff, lay the weaker, sloping Rochester Formation; this formation was composed of shale , though it has some thin limestone layers. It contains ancient fossils.

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  7. In time, the river eroded the soft layer that supported the hard layers, undercutting the hard caprock, which gave way in great chunks; this process repeated countless times carving out the falls. Submerged in the river in the lower valley, hidden from view, is the Queenston Formation , composed of shales and fine sandstones. All three formations were laid down in an ancient sea, their differences of character deriving from changing conditions within that sea.

    About 10, years ago, the Niagara Falls was between present-day Queenston and Lewiston, New York , but erosion of their crest has caused the waterfalls to retreat 6. The Horseshoe Falls , which are about 2, feet wide, have changed their shape through the process of erosion.

    Just upstream from the falls' current location, Goat Island splits the course of the Niagara River , resulting in the separation of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls to the west from the American and Bridal Veil Falls to the east. Engineering has slowed recession; the current rate of erosion is appr. The Robonic Stooges The Robonic Stooges is a Saturday morning animated series featuring the characters of The Three Stooges in new roles as clumsy crime-fighting bionic superheroes.

    Indian men have a problem, they hate condoms. This is what it results in

    When CBS canceled The Skatebirds in early , the trio was given their own half-hour timeslot which ran for 16 episodes. Moe and Curly are superheroes who fight crime with their special bionic powers and are given assignments via film projector from their frustrated boss Agent who runs the Superhero Employment Agency. Since all of the original Three Stooges had died when production began, other voice actors were used to impersonate them veteran voice actors from other Hanna-Barbera productions.

    Unlike cartoon series produced by Hanna-Barbera in the s, The Robonic Stooges did not contain a laugh track. With the deaths of Fine and Howard in , other actors were engaged to voice the roles of Moe and Larry; the Robonic Stooges episodes were seen between shows as interstitial segments on Boomerang.

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