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If your answer to the above questions is a No, then technology is nothing more than an automated tool.

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Learning does not merely means the accumulation of knowledge, but is instead, imbibing of the concepts for enhancing the skills. Let us now ponder upon a bit more on the questions asked above and embark on the answers on how and why do we need teachers in our lives, today, tomorrow , and forever:. Answer to Question 1. A teacher does not only share knowledge, but also teaches the students the necessary life skills, inspires them whenever they feel low, and guides them to take on the right path.

This is the reason why teachers are often considered to be the role models for students. Computers, online courses, or any other means of technology can never bring in the humanitarian traits that a teacher possesses, and hence, teachers being replaced by the technology, is totally out of the question.

Answer to Question 2. While teachers can pick clues based on the emotional state of the students, virtual learning can never scale the walls of this precious human ability.

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Answer to Question 3. Not only children but all of us, do need a mentor in life to offer guidance and inputs. And admit it, even today, not everyone of us completely understands the way computers interact with us.

This is why we have computer teachers at school, who help us bridge this gap and make us understand the technological complexities and the language required to communicate with a computer. If there were no teachers, then instead of easing the things for the mankind, the technological advancements could have rather worsen the learning process by making it even more complex to understand.

Technology by no means can be a replacement for teachers, but yes, it can be used effectively to enhance the learning process.

Online tutorials, videos, e-books, educational apps, e-learning courses, smart classes, etc. Many schools, all across the world, today, have incorporated the advancements brought up by the technology to ease the learning process for students. We, at the JP International School, have also introduced a technology driven learning concept of Smart Classes as an important educational instrument for teaching. The Smart Classes concept helps the teachers to easily teach the most difficult of concepts using the graphics and animations from the repository.

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Moreover, the students also get better and quicker understanding of the subjects. What do you think our education system in the future would be like? Will it be solely technology driven or will it hold an important place for teachers too?

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Well, considering the trends, technology is surely going to be an important facet of our education system in the future, however, top 10 schools in Noida the major force will still be teachers only. Richard 's review Jun 07, It's a collection of previously published articles from the pages of PC Pro magazine. While some of the articles have become quite dated in retrospect, others still make interesting reading despite being a few years old since first published.

The book is one that's easy to read in snippets - while waiting in a queue or commuting - and while it's probably too dated to recommend now, I'd definitely buy another collection of articles if PC Pro decided to publish them. Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read Provoke.

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