Reality Disturbances: Volume 1 (9 Short Horror Stories)

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On Page 12, on the wall are sketches of the Gozerian dimension, seen in "Making Ghostbusters". On Page 2, the Gozerian dimension sketches from the first movie are still up on the walls. In Ghostbusters Volume 2 5 : On Page 1, outside the Pequod's on the left is Scott Dickinson, the electrical shocks guy, and on the right is Ron Jeremy who had a cameo when the Containment Unit was shut down. On Page 1, some of the subtitles for characters reference lines from the first movie like "Heart of the Ghostbusters.

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On Page 17, the periodic table seen in Ghostbusters II is visible. To the left of the whale is a quote of Janine's conversation when she gets the call from the Sedgewick Hotel. The paper in the typewriter has the "We got one! By Egon is another quote from the first movie, during the montage, is on another paper "Does it have arms and legs By Egon and Roger is another quote from the first movie, "Ghostbusters, what do you want? Also below is Peter's "bug-eyes thing" line from the first movie. Also below is a racquet ball set, also one of Janine's hobbies and under Egon's right hand is a racquet ball book.

On Page 3, the set up of items on the round table is a homage to the "We got one! On Page 8, Janine working in fast food may be a nod to Peter's quip to Janine in the first movie when she mentions she's been working two weeks without a break. On Page 9, the job interview memory fills in between scenes of the first movie showing how Janine was hired.

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Behind Janine is the car that would become Ecto-1 that Ray bought. On Page 10, the first memories are from the first movie: When Egon emerges from Janine's desk and they talk about their hobbies, when Janine has a premonition Egon is going to die but Peter calls the Firehouse just as the two embrace, and the reunion between Egon and Janine as the Ghostbusters emerge from the Shandor Building. On Page 20, racquetball, Janine's hobby, comes up in conversation. Peter is wearing one of his suits from the first movie.

In Ghostbusters Volume 2 8 : On Page 18, Winston refers to the others talking about stingy hotel managers. A similar showdown occurred between the three and the manager of the Sedgewick Hotel. In Ghostbusters Volume 2 9 : On Page 1, the Ghostbusters commercial uses the phone number is from the commercial in the first movie. On Page 9, on the upper right of the board is Steven Dane's schematic for Ecto-1 seen in Making Ghostbusters, page 66, and by Wat is a photo of an unused entity from the first movie shown in Making Ghostbusters.

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On Page 21, the pin up is also a nod to Peter's electric shock experiment at the start of the first movie, complete with the Male Student. On Page 4, in the upper left corner, sitting on the edge of the sidewalk is Harlan Bojay, one of the bums from the first movie. In the lower right corner, walking, is Robert Learned Coombs. On Page 6, the October 1st, date on the red Post-It note refers to when filming for the first movie began. On Page 15, in the middle is a square Zener card, used by Peter at the start of the first movie.

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On Page 16, Kylie refers to Gozer. On Page 16, in the kitchen area, on the counter is a Ghost in a Can drink. On Page 4, the first panel of Janine is taken from the first movie when she's fielding the call from the Hotel manager of the Sedgewick Hotel and the shot of the Lone Gunmen entering the Firehouse is from Walter Peck's arrival with the Police Captain and Con Edison Man later in the movie. On Page 9, the shot of the Ghostbusters arriving is lifted from the Fort Detmerring deleted scene, the positioning of Ecto-1 and the way Ray and Winston get out of the car.

On Page 17, Winston references Gozer's "Are you a god? On Page 10, the Ghostbusters have to ascend a 25 story building for a rooftop battle, in similar fashion to the first movie. Ramsey was the original name for the character that would become Winston during development of the first movie. On the Story So Far page, there is reference to their first case and Gozer. On Page 15, on the refrigerator, Oscar's teacher is listed as Mrs. Runyon, a nod to Jennifer Runyon who portrayed Jennifer in the first movie. There is also a note about the Lincoln Center and Dana's upcoming performance.

On Page 15, Dana is wearing the same articles of clothing she did when she was taken by Zuul in the first movie. On top a cupboard is the wooden hand from Dana's apartment's living room in the first movie. In the refrigerator is the ceramic dish from Dana's refrigerator in the first movie.

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On Page 19, Tiamat refers to Gozer and Zuul. On Page 1, Peter has his flask from the scene after they are removed from Columbia University. The monument was previously seen in the first movie during the Chapter 20 "Keymaster" scene before the possessed Louis talks to the horse.

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On Page 10, Dana's front door matches the design motif of the front doors in the Shandor Building. On Page 10, Melanie makes note of Dana's past with Zuul. On Page 11, Melanie also notes Dana was part of the Ghostbusters first case. On Page 12, above Dana atop the cupboard, the wooden hand from her apartment living room in the first movie. Earthquakes, Volcanoes" - part of the classic 'Mass Hysteria' line from the first movie when the Ghostbusters talk to Mayor Lenny. On Page 17, to the left of Tiyah is the Seiko travel clock from the deleted "Honeymooners" scene in the first movie.

On Page 20, the red lamp to the right of Dana is from her bedroom in the first movie. On Page 20, in panel 5, behind Dana on the wall is a light fixture based on the one above her piano in the first movie.

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In Ghostbusters Volume 2 15 : On the Regular Cover, on the planner, the mentions Smoked salmon, full price - a nod to a line from Louis' party. The also mentions Generic aspirin - another reference to a line during Louis' party in Ghostbusters. On the gym paper is a mention of 20 minute workout VHS - referring to Louis' workout regime he revealed at the start of Ghostbusters to Dana. On Page 2, Louis' memories include him running from Vinz Clortho through Central Park and opening the gateway for Gozer when he was possessed. The last memory is of breaking up with Janine. In it, Louis is wearing the blue tracksuit from the first movie.

On Page 5, Dana is restrained by several monster arms like in the first movie. On Page 6, Tiamat alludes to Gozer and his need to have his servants help him gain entry to Earth. On Page 7, Dana and later Louis is possessed by a servitor like in the first movie.

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On Page 8, Kylie alludes to the Cult of Gozer. On Page 9, There are some Zener cards in Eduardo 's deck. On Page 10, the news ticker quote's Egon's assessment of the Firehouse in the first movie. On Page 15, Peter leaping from his office is a nod to the first movie when he hopped over to greet Dana Barrett.

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In Ghostbusters Volume 2 16 : On the Regular Cover, the depiction of the possessed Dana and Louis appears to be a loose homage to a similar pose in the first movie when they were possessed and had 'reunited' in Dana's apartment room. On Page 1, Peter alludes to the Ghostbusters' storied history of facing 'Big Bads' on the top of buildings.

On Page 2, like the first movie, the Ghostbusters ascend a long flight of stairs. On Page 7, Peter alludes to the first movie when Egon states he is scared beyond the capacity for rational thought in reaction to the manifestation of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. On Page 8, like the first movie, the Ghostbusters reach the roof and see a zigguart in another dimension. On Page 9, like in the first movie, Louis makes a suggestion about exercising in half time to get greater results. On Page 11, like in the first movie, possessed Dana and Louis transform into their Terror forms but uniquely with their human faces intact.

On Page 12, Ron invoked the "Get her! On Page 12, the Terror Birds leap away from their positions just like the Terror Dogs did in the first movie. On Page 13, Tiamat knocks the Ghostbusters backwards like Gozer did in the first movie. On Page 16, Ray mentions Crossing the Streams worked at least twice before.

The Ghostbusters used it to defeat Gozer the first time.

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On Page 20, like the end of the first movie, compared to the others, Peter is barely saturated with goop. Gozer takes on its first form in the first movie. On Page 5, the Stay Puft Marshmallows sign from the first movie is still on the building by the Firehouse. On Page 7, Gozer takes on the appearance of Ivo Shandor. This design is an unused concept from the first movie - a form of Gozer was to have taken on, to be portrayed by Paul Reubens, a kindly looking man in a nondescript suit and tie.

On Page 8, Ray's lines appear to be a spin on his speech to Gozer in the first movie. On Page 8, Stay Puft also takes on a form when he was set on fire in the first movie.