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Since supreme love involves sacrifice, what was God to give that would be a real sacrifice for Him, since He is wholly sufficient within Himself?

He could only give a part of His own nature—His Son. I cannot assess the world honestly without coming to believe in Evil; I cannot believe in Evil without believing in Good; and I cannot believe in Evil and Good without sensing behind their manifestations a metaphysical battle between them. That leads me to a further understanding that this battle is not only in the world around me, but within myself as well.

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By this process I come to realize that the Evil desires my destruction and has the power to bring it about by preying on my fallen nature. Thus I am drawn toward the One through Whom the Good has been made supremely available to mankind. Humans find it hard to believe that service to God can really involve pleasure. The antidote for feeling guilt for legitimate pleasure is not some compensatory duty, but dedicating that pleasure to God.

That is not to say that we will always feel like doing what God wants us to, but at least we need not feel guilty when we enjoy it.

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I think the redeeming characteristic of the apostle Thomas was that he wanted to believe, even though he had doubts. The reason many people have no doubts is that they have no desire or feeling of need to believe any more than they think they already comprehend. A searching doubter may well be in a better state than a believer who is too complacent or too fearful to search.

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Ruminations at Twilight by L.M. Browning

Stephen S. The cure for our listlessness is to be out within the invigorating wind. Relevant, insightful, candid and revealing, these verses give a unique perspective on the age-old questions. Her impassioned words evoke our longing to unite with the Source that gave rise to the cosmos, the earth, and the depths of our hearts. This book is like holding the twilight in your hands: a luminous joining of the divine and the natural into a moment of sacred wonder! May her poetry inspire your own plunge into the currents. This volume quite simply blew me away.

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It follows the same themes of relationship with nature, and speaking to spirit, and there are moments that feel like prayer. The writing is beautiful, but in Ruminations , Browning has gained a sense of purpose and direction absent in the earlier work. I found the poetry affecting and inspiring, underpinned with a strong philosophy. This is not just a poetry book, it is a call to action, to self awareness and engagement with spirit.

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