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When the team took such cells from a keloid scar and exposed them to a BMP, or placed them near a BMP-secreting hair follicle, they too turned into fat cells. These findings suggest that it might be possible to prod injured skin towards regeneration rather than scar formation. But translating the work into a treatment protocol poses considerable difficulties, Cotsarelis says. Skin regeneration will require the right signals to be delivered at the right time, and at the right dose.

Altering those gradients, even slightly, might alter the follicle pattern or even function. The mice in which most research on wound healing is performed differ from people in important ways. Their skin is loose, whereas that of humans is tight. Furthermore, mouse wounds heal by contraction: such wounds pull together rather than filling in. In search of a better model, in , Ashley Seifert, a developmental and regenerative biologist at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, travelled to Kenya and began to study African spiny mice Acomys kempi and Acomys percivali — species with a unique defence mechanism.

Because their skin tears easily, these mice can escape the jaws of predators. Seifert expected to find that such mice had speedy wound-repair processes or ways of preventing infection. But what he and his colleagues found was much more intriguing: spiny mouse wounds heal relatively scar free 5. The spiny mouse is one of only a few mammalian models of skin regeneration. But such mice provide a comparative framework. Seifert can punch a hole in the ear of a spiny mouse, which regenerates, and another in the ear of a conventional lab mouse, which does not, and then evaluate how the healing process differs.

His team is now beginning to define those differences. Reindeer antler velvet has regenerative properties. Some seem to involve the immune system.

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Researchers tend to view inflammation as an impediment to regenerative healing. Accordingly, the difference between scar formation in adults and the fetus might be that adults mount a strong inflammatory response after injury whereas a fetus does not. But a connection between inflammation and regeneration has been difficult to establish. And he and his colleagues have found, at least in spiny mice, that inflammation does not preclude regenerative healing.

In the wild, these mice mount a strong inflammatory response yet still manage to regenerate skin. In , he and his colleagues showed that macrophages, immune cells that are a key orchestrator of inflammation that is typically associated with scarring, are also required for regenerative healing in spiny mice 6.

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Now, the team is trying to determine which factors might tip macrophages and other immune cells away from scarring pathways and towards regeneration. A much larger mammal — reindeer Rangifer tarandus — is also providing insight into the regenerative potential of skin. Both male and female animals sprout new antlers each year. The downy velvet that covers the antlers as they grow is remarkably similar to human skin — thick with blood vessels, hair follicles and sebaceous glands. But it differs in one important way. That capacity for regeneration seems to be inherent to the velvet.

They hope that the comparison will help them to better understand the signals that prompt velvet to regenerate, and perhaps lead them to treatments that promote regeneration and prevent scarring. Skin regeneration is still a distant goal, but several companies are working to bring wound-healing therapies to market.

The spray-on skin system approved by the Food and Drug Administration earlier this year, and marketed as ReCell by biotechnology company Avita Medical in Valencia, California, is an example of an early success.

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People with burns who require skin grafts typically receive pieces of skin that are harvested from unaffected parts of their bodies. Surgeons take only the top layers of skin to create these grafts, which are known as split-thickness grafts. Although split-thickness grafts can be cut into a mesh that covers an area about three times their size, ReCell can treat skin wounds that are 80 times larger than the donor piece of skin. ReCell can also be combined with meshed grafts to treat deeper burns. Gibson is testing an alternative treatment for burns, a skin substitute called StrataGraft.

It comprises two layers of collagen: a bottom layer that is seeded with human fibroblasts and a top layer that is seeded with cells that give rise to keratinocytes. One of the first clinical trials of StrataGraft, published in , showed that it did not induce an acute immune response 8 , and the substitute is now being tested in a phase III trial. Such therapies could be a boon for people with burns. Other companies are working on treatments for tricky-to-heal wounds, such as ulcers in people with diabetes or bedsores. But the main goal of these treatments is to promote better healing, rather than to prompt skin to regenerate.

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However, she is optimistic that if clinicians who treat skin wounds collaborate closely with researchers who are working to understand scarring, the problem can be solved. This article is part of Nature Outlook: Skin , an editorially independent supplement produced with the financial support of third parties. About this content. Nishiguchi, M. Cell Rep. Rinkevich, Y.

Science , aaa Ito, M. Nature , — Plikus, M. Science , — Seifert, A.

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Simkin, J. Holmes, J. IV et al. Burn Care Res. Centanni, J. Download references. An essential round-up of science news, opinion and analysis, delivered to your inbox every weekday. Advanced search. Search for this author in: Pub Med Nature. Credit: Marco Melgrati. PDF version. Evolutionary advantage Cut the skin and it will bleed. Fantastic fibroblasts Fetal wounds are not the only wounds that are resistant to scarring. References 1. PubMed Article Google Scholar 2.

PubMed Article Google Scholar 3. PubMed Article Google Scholar 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of The Secret of Instant Healing. This book is an exciting introduction to a new form of healing called Quantum Entrainment. The book exceeded my expectations and this type of healing seems to me to be a simple method appropriate to the times we live in, when everything seems to be Quantum this or that.

The book is clearly and simply expressed, i. The author has a sense of humour, and he is clearly a person of advanced spiritual deve This book is an exciting introduction to a new form of healing called Quantum Entrainment. The author has a sense of humour, and he is clearly a person of advanced spiritual development. The method consists of healing by the power of awareness. The method can apparently be used to heal anybody or anything.

We ourselves benefit from the healings too. In a few minutes the muscle will soften and the healing will be completed. You will need to use extended QE on those with chronic ailments.

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This means a healing of about an hour at a time. The author describes a healing of one seriously ill with cancer. The author sees the method as a means to gradually heal the world. However, since I am used to administering remote Reiki healings, I quickly found out how to both do remote QE and healing on myself, using as a surrogate the teddy bear I use for remote Reiki healings.

Personally, when the Eufeeling is in place, I know that it is so by a feeling of flow, though this is my own experience, and the author does not refer to this flow.

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I strongly recommend this book to those who wish to try a promising new, simple method of healing oneself and others.