The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing

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The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing

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The handbook of nonsexist writing

On Writing Well William Zinsser. Screenplay Syd Field. The Artist's Way Julia Cameron. Story Genius Lisa Cron. Save the Cat! Often, the gender assumed is male. This section also describes problems with the use of female-gendered words in ways that are condescending, but may not be intentional. As an example, they offer this statement about a fictional television show: "Powerful lady attorney and confident young lawyer team up to defend a wealthy contractor accused of murder. Using "lady" in this way implies that the 'confident young lawyer' and the 'wealthy contractor' are both male, and also suggests that a woman needs to be explicitly described as powerful.

They go on to urge that qualifiers not be used with just women, and instead suggest that the above statement read:.

The Handbook includes suggestions on how to avoid sexist language. The recurring theme is using inclusive language that is not gender biased.

Miller and Swift offer a historical account of how language norms have developed in the English language, and then suggest alternatives that do not make gender assumptions. The Handbook also contains a brief thesaurus of terms to use in place of terms that are not gender neutral. Casey Miller and Kate Swift have been advocating for gender-inclusive language since the early s, when they wrote the essay, "Desexing the English Language. Nearly 20 years after its publication, the Handbook was still considered the standard reference book on how to avoid degrading women with words.

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